In the 21st century world, where knowledge creation and innovation are keys to success, education institutes need to redefine how teaching, learning and assessment operate.  This is essential to equip learners to be successful in this competitive and globalised economy.  Venturelab provides transformational solutions that revolutionize the key building blocks of education.

Venturelab is an outsourced service provider to Educational Institutions and Tutoring Organizations worldwide. We pride ourselves on having a strong in-house research and development team consisting of several specialist roles to create the best possible experience for our clients. Our India based support services span:
1.      Curriculum Designing
2.      Subject Matter Writing
3.      eTutoring / eLearning
4.      Testing/ Assessment

Curriculum Designing
Educational Institutions design their curriculum on national/state expectations and vision of the management.  With changes in education being the norm, existing institutes need to realign their curriculum to better meet the expectations of the society and requirements of the workplace.  We assist institutes to design/review their curriculum (formal and informal) in line with their objectives and expectations.

We possess the domain expertise to work on test preparation areas.  Our Consultants:

  1. comprehend the differences and similarities in educational structure of different countries understand components of Curriculum Design in the backdrop of National Curriculum Framework.
  2. know relevance of different approaches of curriculum design in increasingly complex educational needs
  3. reflect, analyse and appraise past years curriculum
  4. innovate new strategies for curriculum implementation in the classroom 

Venturelab offers:

  1. A curriculum customized for institutes being set up on national and international front
  2. A dynamic curriculum that stretches young minds beyond the limits of the text books
  3. A curriculum that is more than lessons plans and is especially designed to bring back the joy of learning inside and outside the classroom
  4. A curriculum that is constantly updated keeping in demand with the needs of the learners
  5. A curriculum that empowers its stakeholders to mould, adapt, accommodate and demand an equal contribution
  6. An extensive database that guides the institution with regard to the academic inventory

Subject Matter Writing (Content Development and Editing)
We can create and edit content. Our team members:

  1. map the content of the lessons and design meaningful learning experience    
  2. evaluate and design different formats of unit and lesson plans for effective teaching
  3. maximally utilize teaching learning material including textbook

eTutoring/ eLearning
We can be your stretched arm to counsel students by providing exclusive on-line/ off-line Tutoring services.

Testing (Assessment)
We understand the assessment value chain well. Testing service is offered in following 3 categories:

1.      Online Entrance Examination Management
2.      Internal Examination Management
3.      Behavioural Assessments

Online Entrance Examination Management Given Venturelab’s vast experience in the Indian environment and having conducted India’s largest computer based entrance examination successfully over the last 5 years, Venturelab has a complete understanding of the ground realities of conducting large scale, high-stakes, online examinations across centers in India. While Venturelab has comprehensive and unparalleled understanding of region wise differences in infrastructure, internet connectivity issues, it has also successfully demonstrated adherence to security standards desired for high-stakes examinations in India.

Venturelab has its own dedicated centers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata with state-of-art infrastructure and a capacity to conduct assessments across 60 locations in the country.  With increasing patronage from existing clients and commitments from prospective clients, Venturelab has plans to expand such facilities in the years to come to meet the growing demands in capacities.
Venturelab has conducted several entrance / selection exams for Governments and Public Sector Units and is fully aware of the implications of accountability and failure in the Indian context.

Scope of Online Entrance Exams:
Venturelab has demonstrated capability in any and all of the following activities/processes:

  • Pre Examination Activities
  • Registration Process
  • Helpdesk
  • Developing and managing application process
  • Developing exclusive website for receipt of application
  • Application Form Processing
  • Arranging online payment gateway
  • Collecting data from pure or hybrid models
  • Design & Development of Question Papers from SMEs
  • Online enabling
  • Admit Card Processing
  • Examination Coordination across Centers
  • Administration of Examination
  • Post Examination support in evaluation
  • Pre and Post Assessment Analysis for psychometric properties
  • Declaration of Results (Online/Offline)

Security: Venturelab realizes the importance of security and confidentiality of question papers and answer scripts.  We have proven methods for addressing:

  • Question bank development
  • Question bank protection
  • Monitoring test centers
  • Authentication of test takers to avoid faking
  • Proctoring of tests at all centers
  • Randomization of Q-bank to eliminate cheating
  • Securing upload of data to central servers (Firewalls etc)
  • Password protection at all critical stages

Internal Examination Management
Internal assessments have always posed challenges to the educational institutions.  The entire cycle of setting question papers, print & stationery, conducting examinations, invigilation, assessment and declaration of results is not only repetitive but also involves considerable man hours which could otherwise be utilized in the core activities.

Venturelab provides a comprehensive, integrated and highly secure examination solution that supports conventional as well as online processes.  The solution automates an institute’s entire examination process with its built-in workflow management system.

The company has been successfully implemented for large, complex exams, across millions of candidates for boards, institutes and universities across the world.  We effectively manages the entire spectrum of examination processes, from Pre-examination, Examination to Post-examination.  We offer in-campus managed services for Assessment Automation and delivery for various subjects in partnership with the institutions.

Key Benefits:

Þ     More assessments – more practice – better prepared students
Þ     Faculty can focus on core areas – Teaching
Þ     Relieve your faculty from non productive administrative engagements – setting question papers, corrections, results, invigilation etc
Þ   Objective analysis on areas of strengths and developmental needs – instant reporting on the overall performance patterns of students

There have been many assessment process outsourcing initiatives to our company.  Good number of reputed schools of Delhi/ NCR have outsourced their pre-boards and final assessments to us.  Some of the leading engineering colleges have outsourced their year round internal assessments to Venturelab.

Behavioural Assessments New advances in technology and new forms of workplace have redefined the nature and level of the essential skills and knowledge required to be successful in the organization.  Most students will spend almost two-thirds of their lives in a diverse and constantly changing workplace.  Regardless of personal, career, or educational plans, students must demonstrate proficiency both in academics and certain established workplace standards.  Student acquisition of critical workplace skills, with an emphasis on application, is a developmental process which encompasses an individual’s entire lifetime.  The demonstration of these skills is essential for individuals as employees and contributes to the foundation of an educated citizenry of a nation.

The global economy has shifted the dialogue from concern about students’ performance on norm – referenced, conventional paper-and-pencil assessments to criterion-referenced measures of a set of “new basics“ that include students’ use of technologies and soft skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and effective interpersonal communications.  The competency based framework to educational and career assessment provides a common language and understanding of the new basic—or foundation—skills needs of the young workforce.  It is thus important for engineering / management students to be aware and improve their marketability in an ever volatile job market.  Understanding their competencies in terms of the job functions and industries that they will enter will enable them to make informed career decisions.

Venturelab offers Engineering and Management students a behavioural assessment program that will give the students, a discerning edge in the job market.  The conceptual framework is drawn from similar work that Venturelab has done over five years with leading management and engineering institutions and Company’s extensive experience in competency based assessment in the corporate sector.

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