Bridging the gap in International Education takes innovative and pioneering steps to provide with the maximum range of teaching-learning methods to advance the perspective of prospective students by introducing International Collaborative Program, which acts as a functional and elementary criterion to implement progressive correspondence between the Education System abroad and rapidly changing and developing Education Scenario of India, offering aspirants of India the best collaborative international higher educational programs at a decent cost.

Venturelab is extensively networked with some of the best institutions in India and overseas.  We can support colleges to have tie-ups with leading international universities.  We are highly focused on establishing collaborative arrangements between Indian and foreign universities.  Scope of work includes deal structuring, negotiations and signing.

The company renders its services to facilitate formation of Joint Ventures or Collaborations with Indian and Foreign Institutions for the following:

Twinning Programs- Twinning programs are those programs in which the students undertake one part of the study in a university / college in India and the other part in a partner university / college overseas. There is a good scope for Indian Universities for structuring twinning programs in partnership with European, American and Chinese Universities.

Collaborative Double Degree Programs- Some of the Universities in America and Europe give credits for the courses completed in Indian Universities as part of a given program.  After completing the relevant program in India, students of a given university can secure admission to an overseas university which gives substantial waivers (credits) in their programs for courses already completed.  The students therefore complete only the balance of the courses prescribed by the overseas university to obtain the degree of the overseas university.  Thus the student is awarded the degree from India and also from the overseas University.  A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required between the Indian University and the overseas University for such facilities for the students.

Mutual Recognition for Higher Studies- Students of a university in India who wish to pursue higher studies overseas, are greatly facilitated if their program is approved for the purpose of studying for a higher degree at an overseas university.  This again can be done through an MOU between the Indian and the overseas University.  In such cases it will be possible for Indian students to straight away obtain admission into an overseas university based on their achievements in their program in the Indian University.  A similar facility can be extended by the Indian University to the students of the foreign university.

Other Possibilities:

Faculty Exchange- Faculty exchange programs help in the enrichment of the faculty and student knowledge.  Faculty exchange programs with reputed institutions in India and abroad add significant value to the University and improve the perception about the University in the minds of aspiring students and the community.

Student Exchange- Several universities in India have MOUs with universities overseas, to enable their students to study part of the programs at the partner universities.  This provides the required international exposure to the students, which is required in the context of the globalization of their skills.

Faculty Assignments- Indian Universities often stand to gain by allowing some of their faculty members to conduct research or academic assignments like- examining the research thesis etc. for universities overseas.  This will enrich and enlarge the knowledge base of the Indian universities.

Content Development and Sharing- Indian researchers and knowledge workers are today obtaining greater recognition for their analytical skills and content development skills.  Typical areas for this are the development of numerical examples for study, animations, case studies etc.

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