Management Consulting

No one understands your business better than you and we respect that, but doing so many things at the same time often makes you miss on new and emerging opportunities, threats and challenges which may impact your brand. Venturelab brings over 100 years of cumulative industry knowledge and experience to help educational institutions succeed in today’s fast changing environment. The Firm possesses complementary skill sets, which assist to generate superior returns.

Here, we go for restructuring business strategy for companies facing problems in Indian education market. These companies often have strong, profitable foundations, but typically lack certain key attributes required to transition the company successfully to the next level of size, sophistication and geographic scope. Venturelab seeks to professionalize these companies and build scale through providing financial and intellectual capital as well as enhancing control through management, governance and system improvements.

We initiate with Organizational Performance Evaluation (OPE). We adopt comprehensive process for this evaluation. Venturelab conducts a comprehensive needs assessment based on your mission, goals, and maturity of your organization’s life cycle to develop the solution that best fits the needs of your organization. We carry out studies and research on specific problems to devise and develop organizational structures for the required educational administration.

Solutions are specially designed for your board to focus on your organization’s individual issues and optimal performance. Customized consulting services allows your organization to challenge assumptions, rethink systems, begin a planning process, tackle difficult issues, forge camaraderie, and ultimately improve your performance.

A well-crafted performance evaluation system that is implemented with careful thought can transform an organization into one that is performance-driven and outcome-focused. The evaluation can be a positive and enriching experience for managers, employees and the agency.

This Evaluation:

  • Assists in Institutional Assessment and Improvement Planning
  • Helps in monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes
  • Translates Goals into a series of concrete activities
  • Clearly establishes performance expectations for employees
  • Links employee performance to overall organizational objectives
  • Encourages frequent dialogue about performance between managers and employees
  • Allows for recognition of top performers
  • Creates favourable Organizational Climate (helps in Team Building)