The Key Agenda

Venturelab has evolved from a firm belief that a good education system can create beautiful minds, benefit the economy and develop a good social structure.  At Venturelab, we endeavor to bridge the gap between conception and execution in the education sector, be the catalyst in building exemplary educational institutions and put regional education brands on national and international footprint.  Its mission is to service a sector where the Government has been unable to provide a sufficient and efficient education system for the burgeoning young Indian demographics.

Today, we are leaders because we make things happen that would not happen without us.  We are driven to create, model & catalyze excellence.  We do not maintain.  We do not play the victim.  We take the initiative to do whatever it takes to make a significant and positive difference.  We have more opportunities to do this today than ever.

Venturing out your own Educational Institution; be it a playschool or a professional college is one of the biggest decisions you’ll take in life.  Pursuing your dreams with grit & determination and realizing them can be a life changing experience.  And the decision you make is indeed going to impact the lives of thousands of students across different generations. Venturelab intends to help you realize your dreams and ensure that you write your success story and leave a rich legacy in the educational field.

At Venturelab we uncomplicate the way we work and it is particularly simple.  We work with individuals / institutions who aspire to provide 21st Century education in their respective initiatives and want to make an enduring impression in the way they educate and enlighten young minds.