Venturelab offers solutions to the existing educationalists and budding educationalists; they may be looking for next level in the endeavor or looking to enter the education segment.  We have tailored offerings which include end to end solutions.  Going down to the level of developing the idea-to managing regulations to curriculum to civil to publicity to systems to faculty to raise funds to operations, we are here for comprehensive submissions.  Our firm takes pride in being a standalone platform, providing one stop solution to educational houses.  The company has worked very closely with premium schools, colleges and universities in India offering them inclusive business advisory services.

We at Venturelab believe that strong education base will be needed to propel the growth drivers of Indian economy.  Education as an industry is at the threshold of becoming one of the biggest sectors in India. The Indian Government has realized the importance of education and will be investing hugely in the coming years.  The private sector needs to play an equally important role.  This is a perfect win-win situation for all the parties.  Our vision is to build education power houses across India and as a result help India become a sought after education destination.

Our company holds a dream to make Indian education system progressive and at par with reputed institutions all over the world.  As the great performer of our country has noted “India is a land of entrepreneurs”, we would like to give them education and expertise to make them successful entrepreneurs and professionals.