International Immersion Programmes

Exposure in top international universities is an aspiration for many Indian students, but financial constraints and other factors can sometimes be a hindrance to such aspirations.  We encourage Indian Educational Groups to forge partnerships with outstanding academic and other institutions across the globe for facilitating high quality international educational experience to students.  One such collaboration opportunity lies in International Immersion programs.

The learning and global exposure gained through such programs can be a life transforming experience to expand horizon of Indian students.  These programs are an investment which shall yield sustainable returns in the professional journey of students and will remain with them for their life time.

Other unique platforms of Internationalisation are :

  • Faculty Capacity Enhancement Program ( FCEP )
  • Student internships
  • Faculty exchanges
  • Joint Research projects
  • Degree Twinning

Indian institutes are able to make their presence felt globally through internationalization of their programs and open new avenues of association for global student community as well.