Research and Development

Our organization provides strategic advisory services for setting-up research parks and innovation hubs.  Expert guidance is offered to develop and promote research culture.  Following can be noted as our modus operandi, for serving our clients with promotion of research and development activities:

a) We visit existing campuses, gather strategic information and advise which domain (research subject) they should focus upon to attract funding through our national/international resources, based on their existing competence/sources;

b) Lobbying for them across the relevant bodies/agencies/Central and State Governments for funding once the areas of focus have been identified;

c) Leading Organizations are engaged as their Consulting Partners to create a world-class Research Park/ Innovation Hub which helps them secure funding with much ease; and

d) Commitment from a reputed Indian or Foreign MNC/Overseas University to participate in the proposed Research Park under a long-term MoU wherein the focus would be on Technology Commercialization.