Alumni Relations

Among the nine pillars of Institutional Excellence, Alumni Relations is the most critical and strategic. We employ/redesign tested tools and techniques to lay strong foundation of Alumni Relations in an institution. The whole philosophy lies in converting transactional relationships into philanthropy wherein Alumni starts contributing their time and money for the cause of excellence, truly through acts of self realization and significance.


a) Reorganization/Updation of Alumni data in the most relevant formats
      (includes redesigning of Alumni portal)

b) Campaigns driven Sustainable Fundraising
      (With Minimum Annual Targets)

c) Grants/Sponsorships supported by Alumni/ Industry/ Government/ Foundations/ Philanthropists
     (With Minimum Annual argets)                   

d) Development of Online Campus Merchandise Portal/ Microsite
      (in partnership with an e-Commerce giant)

e) Engagement of top-rated Alumni on a continued basis
     (for strategic decision making, visiting/adjunct faculty and placements/internships etc)

f) Brand building of the college through Alumni-driven initiatives
     (includes media planning and special events)

g) Project Management of Annual Alumni Meet
      (includes publishing/supervision of alumni-focused periodicals)

h) Annual Alumni Report
      (Alumni/Industry sponsored)